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Airports throughout the world are finding the rugged simplicity and long life of Pennsylvania Scale industrial products are ideal in the hard knock life of weighing airline baggage. Architects and designers appreciate our responsive customer service and clean designs. Airports and Gate Supervisors appreciate the rugged construction and sustained accuracy as well as compliance with local Weights and Measures regulations. Due to the increased emphasis on baggage weighing for weight and balance purposes plus charging for excess baggage weight, there is a renewed emphasis by the FAA and local Weights and Measures agencies for approved scales.

Pennsylvania Scales are widely used by municipalities, airport authorities, and commercial airlines for the purpose of baggage check-in; our reputation for rugged reliability and no-nonsense support is spreading rapidly in the airport business. Major users include (but are not limited to) USAirways Pittsburgh; Miami International Airport (all terminals); Alaska Airlines; Cancun, the Dominican Republic, Amtrak, and many other installations at major airports and terminals worldwide.

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Pennsylvania Scale Company Airline Baggage Scale

Exceptional Reliability, Rugged Construction → Our reputation for Heavy Duty industrial scales is built into every M64 Airline Baggage weighing system – fast becoming the standard for baggage check-in stations all over the world! Rugged designs conform to a wide range of architectural installations. Heavy duty stainless steel top plate; durable powder coated finish; exceptional reliability and Sustained Accuracy (5000 divisions standard) plus fast shipment of standard and custom sizes.

Extra rugged construction for long life and hard use. Up to four displays per scale with designs for curbside check-in or shared check-in stations. Standard RS-232 for integrated weighing systems. Portable or permanently mounted versions or electronics-only conversion kits for existing platforms in remodeling situations. Wide range of styles, platform sizes, and designs for any situation. Made in USA. Join the many airports worldwide that have increased accuracy and reduced maintenance costs with M64 rugged scales designed for baggage check-in operations!