R400 Lua Programmable Indicators | X320 Programmable Indicators | 5000 Series Indicators

Rinstrum R400 Lua Programmable Indicators

The R400 series hardware now supports programmability using Lua, a powerful lightweight scripting language, in conjunction with supporting libraries that simplify the process of writing scripts to control the R400 indicator. The modular design of the R400 hardware combined with Lua programmability offers the ultimate in flexibility.

Programmability is implemented using Lua and the supporting libraries and devices contained on the M4223 module. Connection to the module is via its Ethernet port and the module uses embedded Linux for an operating system. The M4223 module also has a USB HOST port that can be connected to a USB HUB and a variety of standard USB devices. Using the Lua module an R400 indicator can be configured to handle an extensive range of applications.

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X320 Programmable Indicators Rinstrum

Designed and built to last in harsh environments, the X320 combines innovation in industrial design and engineering excellence to create an instrument that is ideal for use in food processing, automotive, chemical or pharmaceutical applications or applications that require reliable operation in harsh environmental conditions. The X320 indicator builds on Rinstrum’s already successful R320 indicator.

Constructed of a high tech plastic alloy that is Food grade; Chemical resistant; Temperature resistant; and Impact resistant. The X320 has an IP69K rating, the industry’s highest environmental protection rating – designed to withstand cleaning with high pressure water jets (1400psi) at high temperatures (up to 80°C) from multiple angles.

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5000 Series Indicators Pennsylvania Scale Company Airline Baggage Scale

Quality design and reliability, mature proven technology →
With 50,000 units sold globally the 5000 series of indicators represents mature proven technology. With an extensive range of interfaces and mounting options, installations can be readily customized,which represents savings for the user. Support for common industry standards used in process control – which allows for easy system integration.

  • Built-in RS232 serial communication
  • Built-in RS485 networking
  • Analogue Output 4-20mA or 0-10V with 1/65,000 resolution
  • Isolated digital I/O
  • Modbus ASCII
  • Profibus DP – DIN Rail Mount Interface

The 5000 can be used in combination with the 6700 summing indicator making it ideal for use on split weigh bridges.