Preventive Maintenance Programs

Failure or inaccuracy of your weighing equipment can prove to be a costly burden, especially if that equipment is an integral part of your company’s production process. These costs can materialize as production downtime or inaccurate billing and they can amount to the full replacement of a scale.

East Tennessee Scale Works would like to help you avoid these unplanned costs through a preventive maintenance program tailored to meet your needs. Preventive maintenance is critical to your equipment as oil changes are to your car. Regular maintenance ensures the accuracy of your weighing equipment, helps prevent future failures and extends the usable life of the scale.

Preventive maintenance is an integral part of the East Tennessee Scale Works’s portfolio of scale service offerings. Along with preventative maintenance, our comprehensive service plans also can include:

Pre-Calibration Performance Tests
Calibrations (Standard, HB44, ISO/IEC 17025 & ANSI Z-540-1 Accredited)
Consumable Replacements
Discounted Labor Rates
24 Hour Emergency Service